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Upholstery cleaning in Cork over a floor

On older, varnished parquet or strip flooring it is difficult to clean upholstery. There’s usually no problem with these types of floors, they are made of real wood, and the varnishing protects it from water, if the varnishing is not too worn. If it’s too worn, some parts of the floor could become darker due to the water drops. However, these become lighter as they get dry.

Wooden floors made of industrial wooden waste: The problem with these types of floors is that sometimes even the manufacturer says contradictory things about the product, things like that it’s very resistant, doesn’t need to be treated with varnishing, but later says that be careful with water. So is it water resistant?

But there are correct descriptions as well, saying that they should be treated with Clicguard proofing, which prevents the wooden floors from swelling due to water. For upholstery cleaning it is essential.

upholstery cleaning in cork

                                                                                       Upholstery cleaning cork

Like we said before, we prevent this with special protecting foil.

This method is 99% effective. A bit of water could find its way to the ground via wet tools and shoes. This could be a problem if you have wood flooring with a cheap, poor quality, old, worn out varnishing or no water repellant proofing. If your floor was expensive, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good quality and is treated, but that it is from a type of tree that is not found in neighboring countries.

These types of floors must be treated and maintained regularly as well. Another common problem is that the floor wasn’t installed by a professional, or that water repellant proofing was left out due in order to save money. Since this is costly and takes extra time, sometimes it is left out completely, saying that there’s no water in the living room anyway (if you knew how many cracked floors have we seen due to vases, glasses knocked over and others).

The best if the parquet is installed with parquet glue. Unfortunately, some people believe the crooked sellers that say there’s no need for that, etc. Water repellant is left out as well.

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